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About Us

ONE COUNTRY, the newsletter of the Bahá'í International Community, is a publication of the Office of Public Information of the Bahá'í International Community.

The Bahá'í International Community is an international non-governmental organization which encompasses and represents the worldwide membership of the Bahá'í Faith.

Founded a century and a half ago, the Bahá'í Faith is today among the fastest growing of world religions. With more than five million followers in at least 235 countries and dependent territories, it has become the second-most widespread faith, surpassing every religion but Christianity in its geographic reach. Bahá'ís reside in more than 121,000 localities around the world and they represent a cross section of humanity, coming from virtually every nation, ethnic group, culture, profession and social or economic class. More than 2,100 different ethnic and tribal groups are represented.

For more information about the Bahá'í International Community and the Bahá'í Faith, go to the Bahá'í World Web Site

In its printed format, ONE COUNTRY is published quarterly. Each 16-page issue contains two or three in-depth feature stories on the United Nations, noteworthy social and economic development projects, environmental efforts or educational programs, along with an editorial that addresses world problems from a Bahá'í point of view. It is published in English, French, Chinese, Russian, German and Spanish, and is currently mailed to more than 30,000 readers in more than 170 countries.

If you are affiliated with the United Nations or another international organization, are involved in government or international development work, are an academic or a researcher, or are a representative of the news media, you may qualify for a free subscription to ONE COUNTRY.

Subscription Information

To subscribe to the printed version you can write to our main address:

ONE COUNTRY Bahá'í International Community

866 United Nations Plaza

Suite 120

New York, NY 10017 USA

Phone: 212-803-2543

Fax: 212-803-2566

email: onecountry@bic.org

Please let us know if you are a member of the worldwide Bahá'í community.

To correspond or speak directly with the editor, Brad Pokorny, send an email to bpokorny@bic.org or call 212-803-2544.

Copyright and Reprint Information

All of the material in the printed version of ONE COUNTRY and on this web site is copyrighted by the Bahá'í International Community and is subject to all applicable international copyright laws.

However, stories and photographs from ONE COUNTRY may be republished or reproduced by any organization, including other print and electronic media organizations, other non-governmental organizations and those with other informational web sites, as long as the material from ONE COUNTRY is attributed as follows:

« "Reprinted from ONE COUNTRY, the newsletter of the Bahá'í International Community."

© 1996 the Bahá'í International Community

ISSN 1018-9300


ONE COUNTRY Editorial Staff

The editorial staff of ONE COUNTRY is composed of:

Executive Editor: Douglas Moore

Editor: Brad Pokorny

Associate Editors:

  • Vladimir Chupin (Moscow)
  • Christine Samandari (Paris)
  • Kong Siew Huat (Macau)
  • Arezu Braun (Germany)

Production Assistant: Veronica Shoffstall

Information Systems: Thane Terrill